Who We Are

Mozoon Engineering Consultancy is a urban/ regional planning, architectural and engineering consulting company located at the heart of Fujairah. Our clients challenge us with high profile projects that demands the best and brightest minds available, We meet those demands at the highest quality and professionalism demanded in this industry.

We help build, design and supervise Stunning Houses, Small and Large scale Residential Buildings, Skyscrapers, Malls, Industrial Structures & Accommodations, Hotels, Oil Tanks Projects etc. to name a few. We help build our clients dreams over 15 years now, and are as motivated as we are since we started out in the year 2000.

Our clients tend to keep a long and lasting relationship with company because we deliver our promises with integrity, professionalism, quality and service.

We can proudly say we are one of the best in Fujairah and aspire to be even further. We Push towards making our marks all over the emirate, with over 1500 projects under our belt.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision for the future is to build on our success, which is not an easy task, To grow responsibly as a healthy, profitable, engineering consulting firm. To anticipate the needs of our clients by keeping up with changing and improving technologies. To fully support our staff, so they can continue to meet our clients' needs.

Our Mission is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services; and endeavors to provide opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply their know-how towards the development and service of society with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment. Allowing our clients to improve their communities health and safety with the assurance that their projects will endure and withstand the test of time.

A Message from our Managing Director

Reji Cheriyan
Managing Director

Having started my engineering consultancy business in Oman in 1999, I embarked on a journey to acquire more experience in the field of civil, architectural, structural engineering etc. Through my hard fought efforts and field works, I was privileged enough to be involved and learn about different types of projects and how to design and implement them with professionalism and ease. My determination, over the past so many years along with my natural confidence and discerning style has helped me achieve immense success and fame in the industry.

In 2000, I was slowly able to branch out to Fujairah and set-up Mozoon Engineering, I had noticed the scarcity of top quality consulting engineering firms that can measure up to the high international standards, principals and can undertake the much needed development in the fields of Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and other engineering areas in the emirate. Slowly But Steadily I was able to make my mark in the market, and help Mozoon reach where it is now. Fujairah Municipality had selected us as the best consultant of the year 2014. All our Clients tend to leave a long and lasting relationship with company because we deliver our promises with integrity, professionalism, quality and service.

Having Started at the bottom of the industry gathering experiences from all the engineering sectors imaginable, my core values and ethical practices, I have earned the trust and respect of others from across the world. It has always been my belief that with hard work, willpower and honesty we can achieve whatever we desire and overcome hurdles and challenges, whilst en route to success and recognition.


Our Expertise

With Over 15 years of experience in handling major projects, Mozoon Engineering Consultancy provides client oriented professional services, based on international standards, codes, procedures and more, a commitment for excellence.

  • Preparation of Master Plans & Designs
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Designs
  • Detailed Engineering Design/Work Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Project Execution and Planning & Control
  • Cost Control
  • Contract and Procurement Management
  • Pre-Qualification of Contractors Vendors & Suppliers
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Tender Administration
  • Value Engineering & Management
  • Provisional & Final Taking over of Projects
  • Site Supervision
  • Quality Control of Materials & Testing
  • On Site Engineers & Training